As part of our Pirates topic, we adapted and retold one of our favourite stories.

We love ‘We Are Going On A Bear Hunt, by Michael Rosen, and many of us know all the words. So, to link with our topic, we adapted it to go on a treasure hunt.

We followed our maps and bravely splashed through the ocean, stomped through sand, swished through long grass, until we happened upon a deep, dark cave. Those who were brave enough peeped inside. There they found two goggly eyes, one long nose, lots of sharp teeth. Oh no! A CROCODILE! 🐊

Fear not, a quick dash back through the grass, sand and water led us safely back to the boat. Phew! We are NEVER going on a treasure hunt again. Well, actually, that’s not true, as many children spent the week choosing to go on a treasure hunt again and again. We were delighted to see such animation and enthusiasm. Well done Nursery!