Welcome back after our half term break.

This term we will continue to put activities on Twitter and also on to this blog. We understand that you child’s home learning pack which was originally sent home with them in March will be nearly completed. We will be organising an additional pack for you to collect from the school grounds, information will be sent in the near future.

Additionally you can use the following websites for specific subject areas and practise that your child needs:

Phonics lessons  

Free eBook Library 

Oxford Owl resources 

White Rose Maths 

Oak National Academy

Twinkl Resources

Week 1

Monday 1st June y 2nd June

Tuesday 2nd June

Maths – counting actions and objects to 10

Wednesday 3rd June

Maths – placing numbers in order 1-10

Wiggle Wednesday dance challenge 💃🏻🕺🏻

Thursday 4th June

 Finding one more than a given number 

Friday 5th June

 One less than a given number

Friday family dance 

Week 2

Monday 8th June

Tuesday 9th June

Wednesday 10th June

Thursday 11th June

Friday 12th June

Week 3

Monday 15th June

Tuesday 16th June


Wednesday 17th June

Wednesday-what-does-a-paramedic-do-powerpoint-_ver_2Wednesday English- my body 

Thursday 18th June

Friday 19th June



This week for our maths lessons you will need: a set of number cards 0-10 and 10 objects the same such as pennies or counters. You can use this sheet Oak National Academy Resources to print and cut out a set of number cards, or alternatively create your own using paper and a pencil to write the digits.

Monday 22nd June

We have different forms of transport, this week we will be looking at transport via roads (on land) on the water and in the air. Take a look at this short video to introduce some modes of transport: Transport Video 

Can you think of different ways to travel?

Investigating number combinations 
Phonics Session 1 – focus sound ay with alternative spelling ai

Tuesday 23rd June

Today we will be looking at steam trains, take a look at Barnaby’s adventure travelling through Wales on a steam train: Barnaby’s Video 1

Counting objects

Wednesday 24th June 

Ordering numbers to 20

Take a look what it is like inside a ferry with Barnaby Bear: Barnaby’s Video 2

Thursday 25th June 

Developing a sense of 10

Today we will be looking at boats, take a look at Barnaby’s adventure on Hurley Lock: Barnaby’s Video 3 

Friday 26th June

Exploring Place Value

An aeroplane is a different way to travel. Take a look at the way an airport works: Airport Video

What transport have you experienced? To end the week, share your favourite way to travel by drawing a picture and labelling a memory of a journey. Remember to send your learning to learningselfie@kewwoods.com


This week in preparation for our transition to year 1 we are looking at ‘All about me’. 

Monday 29th June – All about me lesson  1

Oak Academy Maths


Tuesday 30th June – All about me lesson 2

Oak Academy Maths 

Wednesday 1st July-  All about  me lesson 3

Oak Academy Maths

Thursday 2nd July- Oak Academy Maths

Friday 3rd July – Oak  Academy Maths

Week 6 

Monday 6th July

This week we are wanting to prepare for our transition changes. We will be begin by looking at our home surrounding and a little more information all about us. Take a look at our first video all about Topsy and Tim’s family – Video 1 

Topsy and Tim go to school, take a look at their classroom – Video 2

Here is a reminder of how it can feel strange to start school for the first time. You may begin to get the same feelings as you think about your new class – Video 3 
Think about Topsy and Tim, who lives with you? Can you complete the selfie of your family…



Maths today looks at patterns and ordinal numbers – ordinal numbers

Tuesday 7th July

Listen to the story – Jake’s first day 

What message would you like to give your new teacher?


Maths today focuses on 2d shapes – 2d shapes 


Wednesday 8th July

Listen to the story – The Cautious Caterpillar 

Can you complete your butterfly?

Maths today looks at creating patterns with shapes – patterns with shapes


Thursday 9th July

Who is part of your family? Think back to Topsy and Tim’s family. Who do you need to draw in your family photo gallery?

Maths today looks at finding 3D shapes in the environment – 3D shapes 

Friday 10th July

What is in your ‘pot of dreams’?

Maths today looks at describing 3D shapes – describing 3D shapes

Week 7

Monday 13th July 2020

Here is the story you will need for today’s learning – Sammy Seagull’s Summer Safety Story

Monday English-sammy-seagulls-summer-safety-story-powerpoint_ver_4 (1)