Staff Members

While the Governing Body sets overall policy, day to day management is entirely the responsibility of the Headteacher and their staff. For staff, this means that the normal management chain is preserved and respected. For parents, it means that most matters affecting an individual child will be the responsibility of the teaching staff and the Headteacher, acting within the school’s policies and procedure. Throughout the school our support staff provide key services such as teaching assistance, administration and office management, facilities management and welfare support.

School leadership and management team 

Headteacher: Mrs. C. Greaves. 

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs. B. McNally. 

SENDco: Miss. K. Banks. 

Phase Leaders

EYFS: Mrs. N. Fish

Year 1/2: Miss K. Banks

Year 3/4: Mrs. B. McNally 

Year 5/6: Mr. C. McWilliam

Class Teachers

Nursery: Mrs. Baumber

Reception K: Miss. Anderson

Reception W: Mrs. N Fish

Year 1 K: Miss. Youds

Year 1 W: Miss. Nevin / Miss. Hunt

Year 2 K: Miss. McLoughlin

Year 2 W: Mr. P. Holding

Year 3 K: Mrs. H. Foster / Mrs. J. Nottingham

Year 3 W: Mrs. S. McGlincy

Year 4 K: Mr. C. Walton

Year 4 W: Mrs. J. Bassey

Year 5 K: Mr. M. Magee

Year 5 W: Miss. N. Rimmer

Year 6 K: Miss. K. Lacken-Fernell

Year 6 W: Mr. McWilliam

PPA Teachers 

Music: Mrs. K. Davies

PE: Mr. J. Thompson

French: Mrs. V. Tinsley

Teaching Assistants

Mrs. S. Alwinkle

Mrs. N. Bacha

Mrs. M. Bailey

Mrs. L. Dilley

Miss. S. Durkin

Mrs. M. Elliott

Mrs. L. Feeney

Ms. D. Fitzmaurice

Mrs. J. Gibson

Mrs. S. Hall

Mrs. K. Harvey

Mrs. D. McCulloch

Mr. R. McNally

Miss. V. Malloy

Miss. H. Power

Miss. O. Taylor-Goy

Mrs. A. Watkinson

Miss. J. Watterson


Other key members of staff

School business manager: Mrs. L. Mason

Administration team: Mrs. L. Power / Mrs. J. Wright

Premises officer: Mr. A. Fish

Lunchtime welfare staff: 

Mrs. L. Gale

Mrs. M. Souadi

Mrs. S. Jonnalagedda

Mrs. M. Noray

Mrs. L. Jones

Wrap around care staff

Mrs. K. Harvey

Mrs. N. Bacha

Mrs. M. Elliott

Mrs. L. Gale

Mrs. M. Noray

Miss. H. Power

Mrs. M. Bailey

Mrs. D. Fitzmaurice