We are enthusiastic scientists at Kew Woods; we believe that Science is a crucial subject to expand our curious minds. Our primary science curriculum provides a complete structure for teachers in planning and developing science lessons. We are  a member of the Association for Science Education, which further supports teachers in their delivery of science and, ultimately, pupils in their science education.

Lessons are organised into topic areas and year groups and include many opportunities for working scientifically and experimentation. Our science curriculum builds on knowledge and skills so that learning shows clear progress as our children grow.

At Kew Woods Primary School, staff and pupils work together to drive the teaching and learning of Science in a positive direction. To do this, both staff and pupils have worked together to create the following vision in how the subject should be embodied and promoted, within our school.

Our vision for science is for all pupils to become scientifically literate, through a practical, investigative, inquiry-based approach, which stimulates the pupils’ curiosity to understand their world around them.

In 2020, Kew Woods Primary School achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark award. This is a significant achievement for the school, as the PSQM recognises a school’s commitment and expertise in Science teaching and leadership. We have demonstrated that the profile and quality of Science teaching and learning is of high quality and that children are engaging with Science both in and outside of the classroom, developing positive attitudes towards Science.

The Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) is a highly successful, unique award programme to develop and celebrate the profile of science teaching, learning and leadership in primary schools. Science plays a huge part in our creative curriculum. Our teachers are enthusiastic about the subject and this award is regarded as recognition for their hard work and effort. Gaining this award has been a major achievement for the school.