School Council and Leaders

School Council

Our Code of Conduct states…


We value the input the children make in lessons and use their questioning and enquiring minds to guide our learning, particularly in our topic work. We also have established various groups within the school to ensure the children are working collaboratively with the teaching teams to provide opportunities and ensure the best outcomes for all children at our school. The voice of our children is crucial in shaping our unique school curriculum.


Anti Bullying Ambassadors

Thirty pupils from Years 3 – 6 have been trained through the Diana Award. They wrote their own Anti-Bullying Policy following their training and shared it in an assembly. They have a shared definition of what bullying is and encourage children to seek support with any form of bullying. They meet half termly and plan whole school events.


School Council Representatives

Children in every class from year 1-6 are encouraged to deliver a speech to their class to explain why they would make good School Council Representative. The children are taught about the democratic process and then vote for two pupils to represent them from class. The elected children meet regularly and plan events. We recently received the prestigious Service Above Ourselves Award for the work the school council have delivered in terms of improving their environment, providing opportunities for the elderly in their community and for others less fortunate than themselves. In the award, it was noted how the original and imaginative ideas and the planning and delivery of a range of events have all come directly from the children.


House Captains

Children in Year 6 are invited to apply for this role and four children are selected to represent their house (Farah, Berners Lee, Dyson and Rowling) for the year. They are excellent examples of our Code of Conduct and work with teachers from their house to plan and deliver events for the children in their area (such as sporting events, science and healthy eating weeks, writing competitions etc).


Sports Ambassadors

Sports Ambassadors are selected for their own sporting ability, their leadership skills and their understanding of fair play and sporting behaviour. They access leadership training through our partnership with Stanley High School Sports College. They meet and plan with the PE Subject Leader and help to plan and organise events such as sports day, the Mile a Day Challenge and cross country competitions.


Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders are selected for their advanced skills and for being role models in our school. They plan computing events in school, support in classes and attend the apple conference to share their expertise with teachers from across the North West.


Art Leaders

Children working at greater depth in art, are working with the subject leader developing their own skills as well as their leadership skills. They will be planning and delivering whole school arts-based projects.