Welcome to Class RW


In RW we are privileged to watch our Reception children blossom in our school environment. Following our play-based curriculum, we focus on engaging our children using their own interests. However, we do have some topics to enhance their learning:


Turrets and Tiaras

If you go down to the woods today

The Blackest Hole in Space

Green Fingers

Amazing Animals

Holidays / Journeys


We love to hear from parents about what your child’s current interests are so please feel free to tell any member of the Reception Teaching Team and we will try and incorporate it into our planning.

Don’t forget you can send in Little Star Vouchers. Little Star Vouchers are used to celebrate something that your child has done at home so we can show we are proud of them too. If you need any more please just ask or you can send an email to

Learning Selfies are a great way to get children to talk about what they have been learning about at home. So whether you have been out to a museum or cooking at home- why not send us a learning selfie with a sentence about what your child was doing.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

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