Reception to Year 1

During the Summer Term, we will be starting the transition process from Reception to Year One. We do this during the end of Summer 1 and during Summer 2 to ensure that the move from the Early Years Curriculum to the National Curriculum is as smooth as possible for all the children and for you.

We have planned a programme of informal visits and frequent drop-in sessions to the Year One classrooms for the children, with their current Reception teacher and teaching assistants in order for the children to feel safe and secure in the Year One environment.

Once staffing has been confirmed, children will meet their Year One teacher and teaching assistants and staff will drop into the Reception classrooms so that they become a familiar face.

At the end of the Summer Term, your child will bring home a Transition Booklet that they will have completed during their Year One visits.

Contents include;

Who will help me? (Pictures of Year One staff and names)
What I like about Reception
My Year One classroom (Pictures of the Year One classroom and what the child likes about it)
What I am excited about
Things that are the same
Things that are different
My Wish (what they would like to get better at in Year One)
Structure of the Year One Day
Year One Homework Expectations

If there is anything else you feel would be beneficial to support you or your child with the transition into Year One, please contact the school office.