🎉🎊 WOW! What a fantastic afternoon. 🎉🎊

Today, we held 3W’s auditions for our annual Christmas talent show The Q Factor.

Year 3 is the first opportunity for children to take part in this event and it always creates a lot of excitement.

We were treated to a whole range of talents from individuals and duo’s with most of the class putting themselves forward for this very daunting experience.

We had singing, singing and dancing, dancing, taekwondo and gymnastics. All performed by very confident children who really amazed me and their classmates.

They were brave, talented, confident and absolutely fantastic.

It will be a very difficult decision for us when we vote to put our two contestants through to the ‘live show’!!!

Good luck to everyone and thank you for taking part. You should all be very proud of yourselves. I am 😀😀