Nursery to Reception

First of all, thank you for choosing Kew Woods Primary School for the start of your child’s education.



If your child does not attend Kew Wood Nursery you should receive a letter from the school office, that contains a slip to ask if your child attends a nursery setting. Please return the completed slip to the school office. If your child does not attend a nursery, please return the slip explaining this. Once we have received all the slips we will contact your child’s nursery and arrange a visit to see your child in their setting or in your home (if they are not at a nursery).

If you have not received a slip, please contact the school office so that we can check we have the correct contact information for you.

On the visit, we will meet with your child, find out about their interests, speak to their key worker and become a friendly face so that when your child comes to Kew Woods they have a familiar adult.

If your child is at Kew Woods Primary School the Reception Team and Nursery Team will be working closely to organise a programme of visits to the Reception classrooms.

You will also receive a letter to invite you to our Reception Starter Meeting. Here you will get to meet your child’s new teacher and teaching assistants, have a look at the indoor and outdoor classrooms, find out about the curriculum expectations for Reception and all the other information you need such as uniforms, school lunches etc. There will also be the opportunity to have an informal chat with your child’s class teacher and ask any questions that you may have.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

Please feel free to explore the Nursery and Reception class pages on the website where you will see pictures of the staff and children busy learning!

We look forward to meeting you all!