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The Arctic

A chilly week in Nursery, learning about the Arctic.

One Snowy Night

Our story focus this week was another Percy The Park Keeper favourite! Our linked activities included looking for signs of winter, feeding the birds, bird watching and counting our hats and gloves. There may also be a few small signs in class that Christmas is on its...

Mindfulness in Year3K

We have been learning how Mindfulness helps us concentrate and make good choices. We found the chest and tummy practise very relaxing ! Mindfulness in Year3K Year 3 have started to learn how Mindfulness can help us with our concentration and making good choices. We...

Children In Need

We had a lovely day in our Pudsey/Spots and Stripes themed clothes. Thank you for your kind donations.

Bear Snores On

The Nursery children enjoyed hearing this wonderful story all about a hibernating bear, acting it out, playing a story sequence game and feeding numbered bears their food. They then learnt about animals that hibernate, playing a sorting and matching game....

Fab fireworks

To celebrate bonfire night, the Nursery children decorated delicious bonfire cakes and watched an interactive firework display, trying to think of words to describe the sounds they could hear. They also made some wonderful firework pictures, exploring different...

Smashing Pumpkins!

Not wanting to let those leftover pumpkins go to waste following Halloween, Nursery had a pumpkins themed week. We made pumpkin soup, drew still life pumpkins, increased our fine motor skills by tapping 2d shapes into pumpkins and made funny pumpkin faces. 🎃


The children had a great time dressing up in spooky costumes and mixing some weird and wonderful potions. We talked through what was going into each potion, trying to hear and say the first sound in each word. We also tried to think of rhyming words to match our...

Learning about Diwali

The Hindu festival of Diwali, meaning festival of light, was celebrated around the world on 27th October this year. The Nursery children heard the story of Rama and Sita, learning about the origins of Diwali.