Dear Year 6,
We are living in unprecedented times, a at time of real social history- history in which future generations will learn about in textbooks, based on eye witness accounts from people who lived during these times- people like YOU!
This is where you come in. Miss Lacken-Fernell and I would like you to keep a diary about your experiences of the Coronavirus pandemic- your experience of daily life, your thoughts and feelings about the current situation and how that is impacting on the way you live, your friends, family and relatives.
How you keep the diary is up to you. You might create a short entry each day, or a weekly entry, or an entry when you think something important, unusual or interesting happens. The format is also entirely up to you. You might have a small notebook or pieces of paper put together or a Word document or you might want to keep adding to your blog on Purple Mash.
What you write is also up to you. It could be facts, opinions from your experience or something you see on TV. We
ask that you write sensibly.
This pandemic is serious and we do not make light of it, but as young people, this is a genuine opportunity to take careful note of the world around us and to record what we see, feel, hear and experience as a form of living memory – eye witness to history if you like.
When we all return to school, the Miss Lacken-Fernell and I will collect your diaries and read them with the idea that a booklet will be created from your observations.
This project is voluntary, so if you choose not to take part that is fine.
Miss Lacken-Fernell
Mr Magee