We celebrated Chinese New Year last week.  🇨🇳The children thoroughly enjoyed hearing the story of The Great Animal Race, discovering the order of the animals in the Chinese Zodiac. 🐀🐂🐅🐇🐉🐍🐎🐐🐒🐓🐶🐖.  We re-enacted the story several times during the week,  with some fantastic number recognition and ordering. 👏🏽

We also tasted noodles, rice and prawn crackers, before taking a poll by placing cubes on happy or sad faces to signal whether you liked the food or not. I am pleased to report that the happy face won! 😀

Trying to use chopsticks 🍜proved to be tricky, but with perseverance, some children did manage to get a few noodles from their bowl to their mouths!

Red and gold are considered to be good luck colours in China, so we enhanced our provision where we could with those colours.