At Kew we are enthusiastic geographers. Our engaging, rich and varied Geography curriculum provides pupils with a strong interest and curiosity about both their local area and the world around them.

By the end of each key stage, we aim to ensure that all pupils have long-term memory of an ambitious body of knowledge. We do this through consistently revisiting and building on prior learning. An example of this is our climate change topic which is first introduced to pupils in Year 3. In Year 6, pupils revisit this topic but are able to delve even deeper into the causes and consequences of climate change and consider their personal impact on the environment.

Excellent teaching of mapwork is one of the key drivers for knowledgeable and inquisitive Geographers at Kew Woods. With globes, maps and atlases accessible in every classroom, pupils are immersed in various representations of the world. From Reception, pupils are introduced to maps by looking at the route Cinderella took and using BeeBots to follow maps. In Key Stage 1, pupils develop the skills of using compass directions and locational vocabulary. Additionally, they use aerial photographs and plan perspectives to gain a more in depth knowledge of the areas they study. Pupils apply their skills by devising their own maps and constructing symbols in a key. By the end of Key Stage 2, pupils are able to use six-figure grid references and identify human and physical features of an area by using the symbols and key on a map. They are also confident in using digital technologies to support their mapwork, including Digimap and Google Earth.

In the Early Years, Geography is explored through a variety of activities relating to pupils’ understanding of the world. This includes looking at different homes, countries and caring for their local environment. Throughout school, pupils enjoy the enriching opportunity to join our school Eco Club where they take responsibility for making decisions about the changes they want to see and improving our school environment.

Children throughout school are excited at the opportunity to take part in Geography competitions through Southport Learning Trust and to complete Geography projects as part of their homework. In every year group, pupils thrive on going outdoors to explore their local environment through fieldwork. Year 5 children also have the fascinating opportunity to visit a river during their water topic.