Early Help

The wellbeing of our children and families is at the centre of everything we do at Kew Woods. We understand that from time to time, life can have its complications, and endeavour to offer timely and appropriate support to families who may benefit from additional help.

We currently offer children at Kew Woods access to a counsellor, animal therapy and behaviour support packages. However, we acknowledge and understand that some families may also benefit from support from other agencies. This support comes under the umbrella of ‘Early Help.’ Early Help is about taking action as soon as possible to tackle problems for children and families before they can grow into something that is more difficult to overcome. It is about identifying children and families that may be at risk of running into difficulties and providing timely and effective support. Early Help involves listening to children and families to find out about their needs and what is working well for them. An assessment form may be completed, or signposting given, to provide parents and families with services who can help. This may be behaviour support, parenting advice, bereavement counselling, health advice, or for housing and financial issues.

The list is not finite; it can lead to a quick solution or help to identify extra support if needed. Having an Early Help action plan in place will ensure that everyone involved with the child and family – such as teachers and health visitors – work together to provide support. This approach will ensure that the family receive the right support earlier, before their needs increase.

If you feel you may benefit from some additional support, please contact the school office and ask to be contacted by a member of the Early Help team, who will then call you to discuss how we can best support you and your family.