Digital Council & Online Safety

At Kew Woods Primary School we strive to safeguard and educate our pupils in the digital world that we live in. Online Safety has a high profile at Kew Woods and is taught and practised throughout the curriculum. Online Safety refers to the use of any electronic media, not just computers. This includes mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

Pupils communicate in an increasingly vast variety of ways. It is important that children and young people are protected from harm and supported to use new technologies creatively and interestingly without risk to themselves or others. This page provides useful links to support pupils, parents and teachers in the monitoring, delivery and everyday implementation of Online Safety.

If you have a query or concern regarding the online safety of your child or pupils at Kew Woods, please log it with us using the form link HERE. E-safety is taught throughout the curriculum and reinforced regularly.  Classes have termly e-safety focus lessons, taught through Computing and PSHE, in addition to Safer Internet Week.


Digital Council

At Kew Woods, we have a designated digital council (application process in Autumn Term 2017), consisting of pupils, teachers, teaching assistants and a governor.  The aim of this council is to discuss and address any changes to learning technologies, online safety and Computing at school.  The council meets termly.

ESafety concerns are treated as serious incidents and are handled by the senior leadership team.

For in-depth details of eSafety at Kew Woods, please refer to the Online Safety, filtering, password and Computing policies found here.


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Online safety Newsletter 2018

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Parents' Online Safety Presentation

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