Design and Technology

In our design technology lessons we learn to understand how important design is and how it shapes and influences our everyday lives. 

We enjoy learning about all the different areas of Design Technology including mechanical and electrical systems, structures, textiles, food, and mechanisms. We look at designs and designers from the past and present to help us learn how to design, plan, make and evaluate working products. We progress our skills every year in each area by designing and making more complex products and mechanisms using a range of tools and components.
In food technology, we learn about how to eat healthily and prepare a range of healthy meals. We are developing skills for lifelong learning.


We have enjoyed visits from local engineers, taking part in design competitions and have visited local secondary schools on curriculum days where we have had the opportunity to work in DT workshops and further our skills.

We hope that in the future, our Design Technology knowledge and understanding will give us the opportunity to become the designers, technologists, engineers and architects of the future.