Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum meets the statutory requirements of National Curriculum (2014) as well as our own school curriculum that works alongside it. We also deliver the Sefton LA Agreed Religious Education syllabus. We have developed a unique Kew Woods curriculum that is broad and balanced and caters for children’s wide range of needs and interests. Where possible, subjects are brought together in exciting themes that are creative and inspiring and ample opportunities are planned to enhance children basic skills. Our curriculum is driven by creative teachers, the secure knowledge of our children’s needs and our shared vision to further develop independence, confidence, appreciation and a love of learning. We believe in widening and deepening our children’s learning experiences, enabling competence and mastery at all levels.

Our curriculum overviews provide details of coverage in each group. These can be found in our curriculum tab at the top of this page.

Details of our curriculum for each subject can also be found within our curriculum tab. 

If you require any further information regarding the school curriculum class teachers will be happy to provide this.

Promoting the Fundamental British Values

Citizens of Great Britain are encouraged to:

  • Respect and obey the law
  • Respect the rights of others, including their right to their own opinions
  • Treat others with fairness
  • Look after yourself and your family
  • Look after the area in which you live and the environment

We promote the fundamental British values throughout our curriculum and in particular our teaching of Collective Worship, Religious Education and Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship programmes.

Our topics and whole school themes also promote British values, for example:

  • Story Time in EYFS
  • Remembrance Day Assembly delivered by Year 6 pupils
  • Poppy collection in Year 5 pupils
  • Whole School Anti Bullying Week focus including drama productions and workshops by visiting companies
  • Royal Family / Importance of families and communities in Year 1
  • Whole School Christmas Fundraising events for specific charities
  • Children in Need Fundraising events
  • Fieldwork opportunities / Studies of similarities and differences in the world in Years 3 and 4,
  • Is it right to fight? project in Year 6.
  • Harvest Festival providing well for Forum Housing
  • School Council Smile project supporting elderly members of the community


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