Marfan fundraiser

We ended our half term with a Southport wide fundraiser for the Marfan Trust. As one of the associated problems with this disorder is blindness, we decided to wear a range of glasses! We all looked great and showed our support as always. Well done...

No Pen Day

Last week we held our second No Pen Day. It allowed us time to challenge ourselves in different situations and use our thinking skills. We used the thinking hats in a persuasive role play and then we had a very tricky coded hundred square to decipher. We finished with...

Going Green! 💚

This week we all went green! 💚 To raise money for the Clatterbridge Cancer Charity. Thank you to everyone for your support as always. 💚


This week in a Geography we have been looking at a range of OS maps and trying to identify some of the main features. Motorways, major and minor roads, railway lines and different areas of land use housing, parks etc.

Monster Mash

This term our indoor PE is dance. As we have been looking at mythical creatures in English and are creating a moving monster in D.T. We are going to create a monster dance too. We began this week by creating and moving in various monster shapes.