Admission Arrangements

Sefton Admission Criteria for Community and Voluntary Controlled Primary Schools in the Southport Area.

Kew Woods Primary School’s admissions number is 60.

Where there are more applications than places available, we will apply the Admissions Criteria in the following order to allocate places:

Criteria 1

A looked after child* or a child who was previously looked after* and ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to an adoption, residence, or special guardianship order).

Criteria 2

Sibling – Children who have a brother or sister* living in the same house who already attends the primary school of their choice, provided they will still be in attendance at the school in September 2014.

Criteria 3

Distance – Children in the order of proximity of their home to school (Measured as per the Tie Breaker Clause).

Tie Breaker Clause

If it is not possible to offer places for all applications within any criteria then priority will be given to those living closest to the school measured by the shortest walking distance from the child’s home. We will measure from the property’s address point to the nearest school gate (using recognised routes known to the Authority at the time of measurement).

Please be aware that the number of places allocated in each criterion can change from year to year.

All schools will meet their legal obligation to admit a pupil who has a Statement of Special Educational Needs that names the school in his or her educational health care plan.

Parents who require a place mid-year must apply to the Sefton Admissions Department.

Parents should contact Sefton LA regarding Kew Woods admission arrangements.



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